Friday, 17 December 2010

From the BBC and Wired Magazine to Your Wall

ITO on BBC4's 'Joy of Stats' from ItoWorld on Vimeo.

A busy few months, fresh from *two* spreads in Wired magazine, we made a cameo appearance in the BBC's 'Joy of Stats' documentary, presented by none other than Hans Rosling.

After countless email enquiries and full of Christmas spirit, we decided to make Hal's glorious visuals easily available to the public, with our very own art gallery.

The gallery lives at and from there you can choose an image, customise it to the size and format you want, and order a print. The quality is excellent and you can even order canvases, wooden frames, lightboxes... (there is a "Configure Product" button on the bottom left when you click through).

We have the classic 'OSM: Year of Edits'

The beautiful London Bus Network

The ethereal Marine Traffic

And individual Year of Edits cities, like Milan

I have a couple of 1 metre prints on my walls and they look fabulous!