Wednesday, 31 March 2010

TED, Tim Berners-Lee & ITO - The Video

Its taken a little while for us to publish this, but I'm sure you will agree it was worth the wait. Here is Tim Berners-Lee showing off some of our visualisation magic at this year's TED conference in "The Year Open Data Went Worldwide":

Now that's story telling with data.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

OSM Mapper Is Receiving Some TLC

As some of you have noticed, OSM Mapper isn't updating right now. Why you may ask? Well the OSM planet file was broken for a week, which is essential so we couldn't do much about that, and take a look at this:

Thanks to the growth of the OSM community, the data is growing exponentially. We are amazed and delighted by this growth, but it does give us some development challenges with our global OSM model. We've taken the down-time as an opportunity to take a look at how we process OSM data.

Fear not, Hal is working on our new and improved global OSM model. We'll let you know when the new model is in operation and OSM Mapper is updating again.

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