Wednesday, 22 July 2009

From Time to Time Update

We have just updated the From Time to Time image set on Flickr, detailing the edits made in the past year on OpenStreetMap for various places around the world. A number of areas of high activity in the past month are clearly visible.

In central Africa details of the Africover project import into OpenStreetMap stands out. Further progress on this import is available here.

Large scale recent activity is also visible in South Korea where the main road network and location names have been added country wide.

Lots of work is also evident in the Pacific Northwest, particlularly in the Victoria, BC; Seatle, WA; and the Olympic National Park area where US National Park Service and US Forest Service data is being imported (details here and here) .

Visit the From Time to Time Flickr set to view more updated OSM 'A Year of Edits' images from around the world.