Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Metric Downloads and Test Adjustments

ITO has released a new version of the NaPTAN Management service which provides a number of new features.

Metric Downloads
There is a now a new Metrics Download Page where users can download in CSV format a number of different Metrics. It is possible to download counts of live, suppressed or resolved warnings for any scope for any date to get a snapshot of where the system was at any point. The system can also provide trend information to monitor warning types over a given period and establish how the system is performing over time.

New Tests and Test Adjustments
A new test has been added called "Stop Indicator Not Preferred". This tests whether the Stop Indicator is one of the new preferred list of indicators that should be used. Other tests have also been tightened to help keep the NaPTAN dataset continually improving.

A number of other minor features and bug fixes have been added to help improve the service.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

BBC Interview: Ordnance Survey and Transport Open Data

As Making Public Data Public gathers momentum in government, the focus is now moving to the need for open transport data in the UK. I was interviewed by the BBC about the Ordnance Survey open data release and took the opportunity to talk about "the missing link", that is transport schedule data.

It starts about 30 seconds in:

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