Wednesday, 30 March 2011

ITO Map is now available globally

OK, so we have installed our new servers and they are performing well so we have removed all the geographic restrictions from our new ITO Map service. This means that you can now check out waterways in Australia, schools in Berlin, electricity generation and supply in Japan or anything else that takes your fancy! We have also relaxed the zoom level restriction allowing you to zoom out to level 8 for all map overlays.

We released the services for the UK and parts of northern Europe on the 18th March and then extended to the USA and parts of Canada and the Caribbean on the 23rd March.

ITO Map has been developed with support from Ideas in Transit, a five-year UK research project following user-led information technology innovation in the transport domain with support from the UK Department for Transport and the Technology Strategy Board.

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Jacek said...

Thank you very much. Your work is amazing.