Tuesday, 6 April 2010

BBC Interview: Ordnance Survey and Transport Open Data

As Making Public Data Public gathers momentum in government, the focus is now moving to the need for open transport data in the UK. I was interviewed by the BBC about the Ordnance Survey open data release and took the opportunity to talk about "the missing link", that is transport schedule data.

It starts about 30 seconds in:

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Ellie Kesselman said...

I'm a new subscriber to Ito World, mostly a data visualization and statistical analyst. Geodata is cool but I'm just learning about it.

You may know of this already, and maybe it isn't of interest, as it is US-based, but I saw another geodata-blog which might be of interest to Ito World blog. This isn't spam, I have no affiliation with that blog, but just in case you find it of interest.. Here it is, the The Infrastructurist with a nice little article study and graph about gasoline consumption how-much-gas-does-your-state-use-per-person

I enjoy your blog very much!