Friday, 8 January 2010

London's Datastore Launch

Boris Johnson by paul_clarke
[photo credit Paul Clarke]

Yesterday, I was invited along to the launch of London's Datastore, the first step of freeing up London's datasets. Despite technical failures, Mayor Boris gave a masterful display of public speaking and quippery, telling us how excited he was by the prospect of increased transparency and citizen involvement in service delivery that is enabled by open data.

It has become clear that open data is now entering the political main stream, with and now the London Datastore leading the way with UK goverment datasets. We were particularly thrilled that Transport for London has committed to releasing transport data through the Datastore. Among the transport data released are:

Abandoned vehicles
Accessibility indicators from TFL
British Transport Police: recorded crimes
Bus Driver Incident Reports
Number of licenced vehicles
Parking penalties
Road Accident Data
Road injuries and deaths
TFL data on transport use
Traffic flows
Train Overcrowding

[full list here]

TfL has committed to making detailed timetable data available for London's transport system. Well done TfL!

This will lead to a wealth of new internet and mobile applications that give passengers, personalised travel information for the busy city.

You can see many great examples of transport applications, all powered by open data, catalogued by our friends at City-Go-Round.

Our thanks go to Emer Coleman for all her hard work in creating the London Datastore.

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