Saturday, 25 October 2008

OSM Mapper Now Available for the USA

OSM Mapper is now available for the United States (and everywhere else). To find out more about OSM Mapper read our initial blog entry. Take a look at where work is being done across the USA. In the image below the bright spots show areas with recent edits and the background colours show when the main TIGER data was imported.

United States

Looking more closely you can see a lot of activity in New York:

New York - A Year Of Edits

It is also possible to see who has actually been doing the work (click on any image to access a more detailed version):

New York Contributors

Across on the West Coast there has also been a lot of work in the Bay Area:

Bay area

Around New Orleans:

New Orleans - A Year Of Edits

And many other places. Why not subscribe for free and find out what is happening your area?

This product was developed with support from Ideas in Transit.


Unknown said...

Wow, this is an awesome service. I'm playing around with it now, but just wanted to remark that you probably want to update your FAQ's.
"How much of the world is accessible?

Currently only Europe is accessible. This will be extended to the rest of the world very soon."

Also, I can't read any of the buttons but it may be my browser theme.

Peter Miller said...

Thanks, glad you like it. We will sort the FAQ.