Tuesday, 27 May 2008

NaPTAN Management Product - Major Upgrade

At ITO, we have just added a lot of new functionality to our on-line NaPTAN management service.

Firstly we have added a 'product' bar at the top of the page which allows you to access your profile, to log out and to change which product you are accessing in preparation for the release of new products soon. In the near future we will be adding additional products and users will be able to switch between different products by clicking on the appropriate one on the left of the title bar.

Within NaPTAN we have added the ability for regional managers to add additional tests to the ones being tracked (warnings) from the list of observations. Regional managers will be enabling appropriate ones for their region after discussion with individual areas in the coming weeks.

We have opened up access to any person with a legitimate reason to use the NaPTAN product. To invite someone go to the 'NaPTAN' main page (by clicking on naptan in the left menu, or by clicking on NaPTAN in the product bar) and click on 'invite users'. Then just type in the user's email address and a brief introductory message. Legitimate users include council officers, contractors and volunteers who have a role to play improving NaPTAN data.

You can also now subscribe to a region or area summary page now using an RSS reader and we have added a 'watch' facility; click on the watch link at the top of locality, stop and other pages and it will create a link to the page from your main NaPTAN page.

We have also made some adjustments to some of the newer tests in response to feedback.

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